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Indexed Links
High Speed Networks Distributed Systems Securityupdated.gif
Ethernet Networking
Distributed Shared Objects
ATM Networking Client-Server
Proxy Servers
Switch Based Networking EMail Servers
Tunneling: PPTP, L2TP, L2F
Intranets & Extranets EMail Clients

Secure Socket Layer
Virtual Private Networks Network Layers Access Control
Mobile Networking Protocols Mail & Browsing Filtering
IEEE1394 Networking RPC - Remote Procedure Call Remote Control via WWW Browser
Fibre-Channel Storage Area Networks
IP Multicasting
Web Based Collaboration
Remote Access Servers - RAS Sockets Network Monitoring &

Routing Mobile, intelligent, and Software Agents Traffic Management &
Congestion Control
Port Expanders & Extenders DNS & Resolvers Load Balancing
Server NICs & Multiport NICs Op Sys & Object Oriented Web Caching
Linux Sources & Other Unix Variations Frameworks
First-Sixth International WWW Conferences Persistent Objects
Perl & CGI Programming
Second Intl WWW Conference Papers JAVA Educational Programs
Third Intl WWW Conference Papers Databasenew.gif
Freeware & Shareware
Fourth Intl WWW Conference Papers TCP/IP man pages & docs Libwww
Fifth Intl WWW Conference Papers STANDARDS Resource Finding & Robots
Sixth Intl WWW Conference Papers Old Linux HOWTOs and various documents Mirroring Tools
PCMCIA or PC_CARD Various networking documents Other Search Engines
PDF Links Info Sources & Virtual Libraries Unicode Toolsupdated.gif
Arabic Software, Tutorials & More WWW Faqs, Authoring, and Httpd RSI - Repetitive Strain Injury
Multimedia Qurannew.gif
Caucasus Organization
Intellectual Property


Recently I went through WORK-REHAB because of the pain in my hands due to heavy usage of keyboard and mouse. I built the above "Repetitive Strain Injury" directory upon becoming knowledgeable about the problem. Please visit that directory and read some of the articles in order to arm yourself agains the harms of ill positioning of the computer equipment including the keyboard, the mouse, the chair and the desk. I am warning you. This is a serious problem among heavy computer users, especially heavy mouse users. Anyone who uses a mouse is valnurable. I am sure most of you are using graphical user interfaces like Netscape and Internet Explorer which are driven by mouse. Therefore, it is just a matter of time when this problem will come to your shores if you don't take the necessary steps now.

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