Arabic News in Arabic

Al-Ayyam - from Yemen
News from Arabic Countries
Al-Ayam - from Bahrain
Al-Quds - from Palestine
As-Safir - in PDF Format - from Lebanon
Al-Khabar - in PDF Format - from Algeria
Al-Watan - from USA
Al-Watan - from Kuwait
Al-Watan -from Oman

Arabic News in English

Daily Business & Financial News
ArabicNews.com - from USA
Ain-Al-Yaqeen - from USA
CNN Middle East - from USA
TheDailyStar - from Lebanon
Middle East Economic Survey - from Cyprus
Monday Morning - from Lebanon
Gulf News
Sahafa Online

ONLINE TV & Radio & Arabic real Audio Sources

Aljazeera channel - Qatar TV
BBC World Service - Arabic
Deutsche Welle:Arabic
Radio Oman - Live (Real Audio)
RadioKuwait.org - Arabic News
Radio Tunis Live
Radio Tunis Real Audio Recorded Qur'an Suras
Quran Suras with RealAudiorealplyr.gif

Arabic Chat & Forums

ArabChat IRC Network
Reader Arabic Computing Mailing List

Calculation of Great Circle Distances and Bearings

It can be used for directing short wave antennas & finding Direction of QIBLA

QIBLA Calculation via Excel (First unzip the file then use the Excel Program to calculate for other cities)
Latitute & Longtitude of New York City (You can find out any city in US)

Arabic Tutorials

The Golden Advice Regarding The Proper Manner Of Learning The Arabic Language
Arabic Grammar Tutorial
Learn to Read the Qur'an in 10 Lessons
Arabic Lessons - Vocabulary
Arabic Alphabet Online
Some Quran Suras with Latin Alphabet & RealAudio Help for Western Readers who are learning to read the Quran
Learning to read Yaseen Sura with tajweed
Arabic Pronounciation Help
Babel Arabic Tutorials
Beyond Nouns and Verbs - PDF file (pages 56-65)
The Art of Arabic Calligraphy
Test Your Arabic Knowledge - Online Quiz
Arabic Voweling Problem Sets - Interactive Tutorial

Arabic Words and Their English Meanings

Language of the Bakahs
Urdu-English Dictionary includes many Arabic words
Basic Vocabulary
Useful Arabic Questions & Answers by Syrian
Common Arabic Phrases by Syrians
Qur'anic Words list
Quranic Word a day

My Arabic Grammar Tutorials

Arabic Pronouns
Arabic Sentence
Arabic Tenses
Arabic Tenses: The Perfect Tense:example verb - akala
Arabic Tenses: The Present Tense:example verb - kataba
Arabic Strong Verbs & Arabic Weak Verbs:examples of initial letter being weak, e.g., wajada, wa'Ada
Arabic Weak Verbs:examples of middle letter being weak, e.g., baa'A, jaa'A, saara, kaana, raway, sawiya
Arabic Weak Verbs:examples of last letter being weak, e.g., qara'a, bada'a
Arabic Doubled Verbs - example verbs: wadda and shakka

FORMS : derived forms of the verbs

Introduction to Forms and Form1 verbs

Qur'an Translations Browser Project

Three English Qur'an Translations Browsernew.gif

Arabic Verbs in the Qur'an

620 Arabic Verbs in the Qur'annew.gif


My Transliteration Table
Fulani-Arabic Transliteration

Please visit my two new sites dedicated to Qur'an transliterations



Arabic Editors

eiktub - Excellent Arabic Editor

Arabic Software & Fonts

Arabic X Terminal Emulator for X-Windows
PMosaic FAQ
Aramedia - Universal Word
Language Dictionaries and Translators
Java Applet demo to view Arabic or Persian
The Arabic Macintosh - An Informal Resource Centre
AraWebParse - Visual Rendering for Arabic Web Pages
Learning Arabic from English - CD-ROM
Arabic Fonts
OpenWindows Programs
Arabic Atari
Arabic Insta-Class Page
Unipad - Unicode editor for Windows95 & NT
World Language Resources

Arabic Language Related Material

Arabic Languages
This is for the Job seekers in arabic countries
Statistics of Spoken Arabic
A paper discussing Arabic learning
The Nature of Old Arabic and its Change into Middle and then Modern Arabic
Dictionary Definitions and Corpus_Based Evidence in Modern Standard Arabic (PDF file)
Egyptian Arabic Profile

Arabic Pages at Educational Institutions

Viewing Arabic HTML files
Arabic Program at Penn
Arabic Literature Page at Cornell
UCLA - Egyptian Arabic Profile

Arabic Classes at Educational Institutions

Arabic Course Descriptions at uga.edu
Arabic at University of Pennsilvenia
Arabic at Stanford University
Arabic Courses at University of Missouri - Kansas City
Arabic at University of Virginia
ArabAcademy Online

Everything Else

Hajj Visa Application Form
Exploring Islam - a Washington Post Article
Arabic Related Links
Arabic Calligraphy
Arabic Language Processing
Online Dictionaries
Arabic as a Foreign Language BOOKSHELF
Arabic on the WWW
Arab World and Poetry
Arabic Mozilla Work Progress
181 Arabic Dictionaries

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