Web Based Collaboration

Creating a Collaboratory in Cyberspace (Dec 1996)
Java Based Environment for Collaborative Proces Management Over the Web (March 1997)
Session Announcement Tool
Choosing Web Conferencing Software (11/96)
Acme News Web Based Conferencing System
Re:Web Conferencing (Jan 1995)
RAVE: Real Time Services for the Web - Web conferencing (5/96)
InterMed: An Internet-Based Medical Collaboratory
Multi4M 1.0 Web Based Discussion Forums
A Synchronous Collaboration Tool for www (1994)
WWW Collaboration via Mosaic (1994)
A Multimedia Bulletin Board in WWW environment (1994)
Whiteboard Tool
Video Conferencing Tool
Audio Conferencing Tool
UCLA Web Conferencing Tools
Supporting Collaborative Information Sharing with the WWW
Structured Cooperative Authoring on the Web
Using versioning to support collaboration on the WWW
w3 Collaboration

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