Distributed Shared Objects

Evolving Orbit (5/97)
Abstracts of publications from the WORLDS Project
The Data Handling System for the NOAO Mosaic (4/97)
Distributed 3D Audio Rendering
Seed Project
Exploring Customization of Distributed Systems using COM
Distributed database management
The WWWinda Orchestrator
Publications related to Distributed Objects
Research related to Distributed Systems
Aleph Toolkit Tutorial
Aleph User Guide
A Tale of Two Directories: Implementing Distributed Shared Objects in Java (1999)
The Aleph Toolkit: Support for Scalable Distributed Shared Objects (1999)
Distributed Shared Objects (Phd talk slides)
Software Implementations of Distributed Shared Memory Biblio
Jada: a set of classes that allow Distributed Java Applications to access a shared object space (1996)
The Jada Package Documentation
Design of Communication Interfaces for Distributed Shared Objects in Globe
Globe: Selected Papers
The Globe Project
Corporate Web Server - Distributed Shared Objects
The Data Handling System for the NOAO Mosaic (1997)
Various publications related to groupware and shared objects
Various PhD Theses Supervised related to distributed shared objects (1992-98)
Distributed, Shared and Persistent Objects (1994)
Dr. Bob's Delphi Clinic
Computing Fabrics compared to distributed and parallel technologies (10/98)
Millennium a weighty challenge to CORBA/Java (10/98)
Inprise VisiBroker Distributed Object Computing (2/99)
objectmatter.com distributed objects
Asynchronous Processing in PowerBuilder 6
Middleware 98 Papers
Structuring Distributed Applications as Fragmented Objects (1/91)
The Mosaic Data Capture Agent (1998)

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