Email Servers & Messaging

eMail Servers for Windows
IntraStore eMail Server & Directory Services (Free Linux Version)
DMailWeb Web Based Email Server
QMail - Competitor of SendMail
Dedicated Institutional E-Mail Server
CMail Server
Blitz Mail System
Eudora eMail Servers
Java Mailing List Server
Multi-threaded Internet mail servers & Directory Services
IT House Mail Server
WMF - Web Mail Folder for Linux+
DMail Email Server
E-Mail Server Software
Imail NT Mail Server
Niagara Mail Server
Postfix Mailer
Proxy+ Mail Server with Internet Mail Capability
Netscape Messaging Server 3.0
Message Handling Systems
Sendmail Web Site for Free Linux eMail Software
Web Mail FAQ
Stalker Internet Mail Server
Internet Anywhere Mail Server
Web Mail Utility
Unoverica Mail
Internet Mail Center
Vicomsoft Email Server FAQ

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