Object Oriented Frameworks

Object Oriented Frameworks: Inheritance
Generative Components: One Step Beyond Generic Programming
San Francisco Project Application Development Environment -- Overview (White Paper)
Object Oriented Programming and Frameworks
Chapter: Frameworks (5/98)
Chapter3: Object Oriented Frameworks
Object Oriented Application Frameworks (10/97)
Evolving Frameworks
Object Frameworks related papers (PDF format)
Development of Object Oriented Frameworks (1996)
Object Orientation FAQ -- NCR Cooperative Frameworks
FRED: Frameworks Editor
Graduate Course: Patterns and Frameworks in Object Oriented Programming
Application Frameworks
Frameworks Design Rules
Object Frameworks Notes
Papers & Publications of the TANGRAM Project
Papers & Publications
Distributed Meta Object Frameworks
Leveraging Object Oriented Frameworks
Building Object Oriented Frameworks
SanFrancisco Application Development Environment (1997)
Developing an Ontology Service for Business Object Frameworks (1997)
Developing Successful Object Oriented Frameworks (10/97)
WebSecurities Frameworks providing domain specific OO software
Next Generation Component based Development from Object Frameworks (White Paper)
Composing Modeling Frameworks in Catalysis (White Paper)
Easing the Transition to Distributed Computing Environments Using OO Application Frameworks
Comparison of Bee-gent and other Distributed Object Development Frameworks

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