Second WWW Conference 94: Mosaic and the Web


The TkWWW Robot: Beyond Browsing
Ethical Web Agents
Auto-FAQ: an experiment in cyberspace leveraging
WWWinda: An Orchestration Service for WWW Browsers and Accessories
A Tool for Individualizing the Web

Authoring tools

HTML Made Easy: HTML Claris XTND Translator
A Simple HTML Editor
TOPS On-Line - Automating the Construction and Maintenance of HTML pages
Untangling the Web - The role of text retrieval in a hypertext environment
Creating a Web Analysis and Visualization Environment

Computer Supported Cooperative Work

A Synchronous Collaboration Tool for WWW
Using Mosaic for Remote Test System Control Supports Distributed Engineering
Beyond the Web: Excavating the Real World Via Mosaic
The Upper Atmospheric Research Collaboratory: UARC
Extending WWW for Synchronous Collaboration
The Sociable Web
The Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
An Interactive Electronic Bulletin Board Implementation For Mosaic and HTTP Server
A Multimedia Bulletin Board in WWW Environment

Human Computer Interactions

SunWeb: User Interface Design for Sun Microsystem's Internal Web
Discovering Usability Improvements for Mosaic: Applications of the Contextual Inquiry Technique with an Expert User
Interfaces for Public Information and Scientific Research
Community and History-of-Use Navigation
Lessons Learned Implementing a Navigation Server for the Web
Active Outlining for HTML Documents: An X-Mosaic Implementation


The Internet and the Anti-net: Two public internetworks are better than one
Museums, Public Lands, and Billboards: Toward a Philosophy of the World Wide Web
Taking the High Road to Institutional Self-Promotion: Substantive Corporate Communication on the Worldwide Web
World Wide Web and the Demise of the Clockwork Universe


An Architecture for Scholarly Publishing on the World Wide Web
"Drop-in" Publishing with the World Wide Web


Harvest Information Discovery and Access System
The InfoHarness Information Integration Platform
Finding What People Want: Experiences with the WebCrawler
Associative Concept Navigation in MEDLINE and other NLM Databases via a Mosaic - Forms - WWW Interface Combining Natural Language Processing, Expert Systems and (un)Conventional Information Retrieval Techniques
Using Coollists to Index HTML Documents in the Web
Sourcerer: Thesaurus-Assisted Automated Source Identification for the World Wide Web
WebLinker: A Tool for Managing Cross References Between WWW Documents
WebMap - A Graphical Hypertext Navigation Tool
WAIS Through the Web - Discovering Environmental Information
A Word is Worth 1000 Pictures: Natural Language Access to Digital Libraries
The InfoSleuth Project:Intelligent Search Management via Semantic Agents
Searching for Arbitrary Information in the World Wide Web: the Fish-Search for Mosaic
Semantic Retrieval for the NCSA Mosaic


Security Enhancements to HTTP
Shen Security Enhancements to HTTP
Improving WWW Marketing Through User Information and Non-Intrusive Communications

Virtual Reality

A MOO-Based Collaborative Hypermedia System for WWW
Approaches Using Virtual Environments with Mosaic
Visualization through the World Wide Web with Geomview, Cyberview, W3Kit, and WebOOGL
CAVEview: Mosaic-based Virtual Reality

Web Products

Information Access: A Cornerstone of Web Publishing
Virtual Places - A Foundation for Human Interaction

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