Fifth International WWW Conference held in Paris, France, May 6-10, 1996


Main Memory Caching of Web Documents
Web Cache Coherence
Application Level Replication and Naming into today's Web
WWW Access to Legacy Client Server Applications
PageSpace: An Architecture to Coordinate Distributed Applications on the Web
LispWeb: A Specialized HTTP Server for Distributed AI Applications
An Investigation of Documents from the Web
From User Access Patterns to Dynamic Hypertext Linking
Measuring the Web
Supporting the Web: A Distributed Hyperlink Database System
Author-oriented Link Management
Open Information Services
Distributed Active Objects
Exorcising Daemons
Pan Browser Support for Annotations
Interactively Restructuring HTML Documents
HTML Generation and Semantic Markup for telepathology
Extending the Web's Tag Set Using SGML
Enhanced Graph Models in the Web
Design considerations for the Apache Server API
Phoenix Image Server
A generic framework for the deployment of structured databases on the Web
Distributed Database Access in a Corporate Environment Using Java
Grassroots: A System Providing a Uniform Framework for Communicating
Integrating Electronic Information through a Corporate Web
Deutsche Wella: on the air
An Intermediation and Payment System Technology
Synchronous Naviagation Control for Distance Learning
An Environment for Building WWW Based Courses
Supporting Hierarchical Guided Tours in the Web
An Architecture for Integrating OODBs with WWW
Fixing the "broken-Link" Problem: The W3Objects Approach
CorbaWeb: A Generic Object Navigator
Weblint: Quality Assurance for the Web
WebWriter: A Browser Based Editor for Constructing Web Applications
WebQuest: Substantiating Education in Edutainment through Interactive Learning Games
Automatically Organizing Bookmarks per Contents
WebGuide: Querying and Navigating Changes in Web Repositories
A Hierarchical Navigator for WWW Pages
Active FORMs
A Web navigator with applets in Caml
Mobile Assistant Programming for Efficient Information Access on the WWW
Filling HTML Forms Simultaneously: CoWeb - Architecture and functionality
Performance Engineering of the Web: Application to Dimensioning and Cache Design
The UK National Web Cache
The Harvest Object Cache in New Zealand
TeleWeb: Loosely Connected Access to the Web
Reducing WWW Latency and Bandwidth Requirements by Real Time Distillation
Real Time Geographic Visualization of Web Traffic
Enticing Online Shoppers to Buy -- A Human Behavior Study
Business on the Web: Strategies and Economics
Merging Advertisement on the Browser
Agent Based Workflow: TRP Support Environment (TSE)
Towards a World Wide Data Base
Electronic Management of the Peer Review Process
A Large Scale Hypermedia Regional information System
RAVE: Real Time Services for the Web
Interactive Video on WWW: Beyond VCR-like Interfaces

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