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Historical facts meets with the present facts. Cultural values of ancient times meets here with the new millenium. Founding fathers meets here with their struggling grandchildren for their independence.

Publication in four languages

Kafkas.org.tr is specially privileged in publishing in four languages.Turkish and English versions are on the air and Arabic and Russian versions are counting down for November

Ajans Kafkas (Agency Caucasus) fileís mission will spotlight the current events.

Ajans Kafkasís worldwide transmission of events taking place at Caucasus and with Caucasians, to international community, will upgrade the web.
Hot news all the time and especially news from Chechnya will be on the air.

The address of the Diaspora

The Caucasians have been in a state of diaspora ever since the Russians forced their migration to the Ottoman Empire in the second half of the last century with a pointed extremity in year 1944 with total purge of nations to Central Asia. Stalinís genocidal deportation in 1944 of every man, woman and child to Central Asia, a repression that as many as one in three did not survive. Meaning of exile is very sensitive for the world of diaspora. Where are they now? What are their social and political status ? Windows of Kafkas.org.tr is wide open for the diaspora. Interactivity with the communities in exile will re-define the visions and aspirations for homeland, The Caucasus.

History under the spotlights

This web site is founded and operated by the Caucasus Foundation. Priority mission of this site is, worldwide relaying of the Caucasus history in true references. The tragic exile of the Circassians, exile play of the super powers for imperial hegemony in Caucasus, heroes: imam Mansur, imam Shamil, imam Gazi Muhammed and their holy struggle for independence, the story of The Republic of North Caucasus, unknown info of history and historical figures, all are at your disposal without pains in books and libraries. Research papers and serious essays are at disposal of researchers at www.kafkas.org.tr .

A Culture full of vigor

A culture full of vigor,a crystallized system of laws, rules of behaviours, etiquettes, ethos and morals. The vivid cultural activities of the mosaic of Caucasian nations are presented at
www.kafkas.org.tr for perusal of visitors from the international community.

Multi ethnicity of Caucasus,is a colorful harmony and its reflections at the world of internet are at

Blood warming, original music of the region, inspirits and is at your disosal at www.kafkas.org.tr.

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