Load Balancing

A Dynamic Load Sharing Algorithm Through Power Control in Cellular CDMA
Dynamic Partitioning and Load Balancing (2/96)
Laod Balancing command on aix
Abstract: Work Load Balancing in Highly Parallel Depth-First Search
Dome & Related Load Balancing Work (March 1995)
Arpa Multicomputer Project Report FY 1995
Load Balancing via PARC algorithm (4/95)
Dynamic Load-Balancing Methods
Dynamic Load Balancing on MPP Systems
Fibre Channel Association
AB: The Influence of Different Workload Descriptions on a Heuristic Load Balancing Scheme (12/91)
AB: The Learning Behaviour of a Scheduler using a Stochastic Learning (12/91)
AB: Load balancing and Poisson equation in a graph (1990)
AB: MARC: Mapping Routing and Configuring System (1990)
AB: MARC: A Tool for Automatic Configuration of Parallel Programs (1990)
AB: A Dynamic Load Balancing Algorithm for Molecular Dynamics (1990)
AB: Distributed Load Balancing and Random Walks in Graphs
Mesh partitioning and load-balancing for distributed memory parallel systems
PaLaBer: A Hierarchical Load Balancing Environment
Scheduling and Load Balancing in Computer Systems
Load Balancing: Summary of WEB search results
Linux Network Address Translation for Load Balancing
Load Balancing
Load Balancing Paper (SIGMETRICS '96)

Load Balancing Through DNS, Replication, Mirroring, Caching, Proxying

DNS Support for Load Balancing (RFC 1794 4/95)
Client Side Load Balancing for the Web (www6 Conference Paper 4/97)
A Scalable HTTP Server Using Modified DNS for Load Balancing (First WWW Conference Paper 5/94)
Introducing Application-level Replication and Naming into today's Web (www5 Conference Paper 5/96)
ONE-IP: techniques for Hosting a Service on a Cluster of Machines (www6 Conference Paper 4/97)
HAWA: A Client-side Approach to High-Availability Web Access (www6 Conference Paper 4/97)
Making WWW Caching Servers Cooperate (www4 Conference Paper 12/95)
Distributed Collaborative Caching for Proxy Servers (www6 Conference Paper 4/97)
The Japan Cache Project: An Experiment on Domain Cache (www6 Conference Paper 4/97)
Web Distribution Systems: Caching and Replication
Locating Nearby Copies of Replicated Internet Servers (2/95)

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