Operating Systems & Object Oriented

History of Operating Systems
An Extended Transaction Model for an Object Distributed Architecture (6/95)
Object Oriented Information Sources
From Multi-User to Shared Object Systems (1993)
Object Orientation in Operating Systems
Object based databases mini-FAQ (6/96)
xkernel manual. Object Oriented.
Operating Systems Overview
Dynamic Objects
HTMLreference: The Form Object
Object Oriented Distributed Systems
An Object-Based Approach to Implementing Distributed Concurrency Control (1990)
Dynamic Reconfiguration in an Object-Based Programming
A Framework for Immigrating Existing Software into New Software Development Environment (1990)
An Object Management System for Multi-User Programming
An Object-Based Programming Model for Shared Data
Multiple Concurrency Control Policies in an Object-Oriented Programing System (1990)
An Object-Oriented Framework for Modeling Cooperation in Multi-Agent Rule-Based Development Environments
Semantics of Object-Oriented Languages
The Constraint-Based Paradigm
AB: Distributed Object Oriented System - The Raven System (8/92)
AB: Review of Concurrent Object Systems (1988)
Distributed Object Management (6/1988)
AB: Object Oriented Language Compilation - EurOpen Autumn '92 Conference Proceedings
Network Management with Consistently Managed Objects
Testing Object-Oriented Programs by Mutually Suspicious Parties
SMACK: The Smalltalk Actor Kernel
AB: An Object-Oriented Approach to Content Planning for Text Generation (1990)
Integrating Objects with RDBMs
Gemstone FAQ (1994)
Evaluation of web based versus custom client applications
The Easiest Way to Write C++ GUI Applications
Python Object Oriented
What is Object Oriented Software
Object Oriented Operating Systems

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