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WebScripts: WebTester for finding broken links
Cgi Perl Resources Index
RFC 2109 - two new headers: cookie and set-cookie (2/1997)
Squid Perl Scripts
Client Side State - HTTP Cookies
Cookies: what they are and how they work
The Common Gateway Interface Overview
The CGI Specification Version 1.1
CGI Environment Variables
Perl FAQ Index
Perl Documentation
Latest version of Perl in gz format
CPAN: Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
Mod_Perl Installation
CGI-email Webmaster Guide
Cgi-email README (1994-1997)
Matt's Script Archive
The Web Techniques Perl Columns
Manipulating Text
Cgi Resources Index
PerlShop: shopping cart script home page
CartIt Shopping Cart Software: Internet Commerce Software
Cookie Central
A Web to Database Interface (1994-1996)
Effective Perl Programming - Introduction
Intranet Web Server & More via Linux and Perl
Programming Tutorials
Perl Script to Calculate Great Circle Distance
CGI Made Really Easy
Perl Lessons
Perl scripts to get remote files
Perl Users Digest
Tools for web site management
Announce new mail by voice
lwpcook - libwww-perl cookbook
Perl Language & Reference & CPAN
WebStore 400/400CS - Perl Shopping Cart Software
CGI/Perl Tips, Tricks, and Hints
CGIWrap - User CGI Access
ROADS scripts for building catalogs
CGI Programming and You

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Scripts for interacting with MySQL database
Earl's Perls
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