Unicode Tools

Multilingual Unicode TrueType Fonts in the Internet
The Unicode HOWTO for LINUX (May 2000 version)
Adding fonts to the Java Runtime
IBabble - A synoptic Java based browser for unicode encoded files
Word 7.0 Supporting Unicode
UnicEdit 2.1 Simple Unicode Text Editor for NT Platform
Linux Unicode HOWTO (October 1999 version)
Fonts and Internatialization in Java
Proposal for a GNU Unicode Font
Yudit - unicode editor for linux
Another Unicode Editor for Windows and NT (Beta)
Unicode and Multilingual Support in Web Browsers and HTML
Test for Unicode support in Web Browsers - Arabic
A Tutorial on Character Code Issues
Fonts for the Unicode Character Set
Multilingual Unicode based email program
Unicode test page for various languages
Unipad - Unicode editor for Windows95 & NT
Unicode Support in the Solaris Operating Environment
Unicode Consortium Homepage
Unicode 3.0 Character Chart Index

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